Reader’s Dubs | Brett’s 1973 RatBug Roland

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Name: Brett Atherton Town: Chepstow Clubs: SouthCoastDubs, South Wales Dubbers, Tadvoc, Rothfink VW model & year:  1300 1973 Three words to describe your VW: RougeRATDub Roland is my 1973 RatBug which I bought in 2012 as a standard untouched 1300. My first job was to put a MOT on it so I set about doing the jobs in order to […]

Reader’s Dubs | Phil Clark’s T4


Name: Phil Clark Town: Bath Clubs: T4 Forum Bath, Retro and Dub Club VW model & year:  T4 mini bus 1998 Three words to describe your VW: Mobile party bus I bought the bus as a ex met police bus four years ago! She started life with me a bit beaten and battered and slowly was converted to the anarchy […]

Reader’s Dubs | Christine’s 1979 Beetle

Reader’s Dubs | Christine's 1979 Beetle

Name: Christine Feldmann Town: Rumson, New Jersey, USA Clubs: Central Jersey Volkswagen Society USA VW model & year:  Beetle Vert. Classic 1979 Three words to describe your VW: BELA VIDA “Beautiful Life” The Journey of a Dragonfly The dream began in my childhood years when I was first introduced to the ever so beautiful VW Beelte in Rio de Janeiro, […]

Reader’s Dubs | Max’s 1303 beetle

Reader’s Dubs | Max's 1303 beetle

Name: Max Purkiss Town: Dorchester VW model & year:  1303 1974 A family friend was selling him. I’ve been a fan of the dubs since I was very small and leaped at the opportunity. Went all the way up to Oxford and he did 5 miles back and gave up! Had him piggy backed the rest of […]

Reader’s Dubs | Andy & Lisa’s T5 “Dino”

Reader’s Dubs | Andy & Lisa’s T5 “Dino”

Name: Andy Butterworth Town: Andover Clubs: SouthCoastDubs, Hampshire T5 Forum, British Army Transporters VW model & year:  2008 T5 Three words to describe your VW: Freedom, Fun, Life My considerably better half Lisa and I bought Dino, our first ever Dub in Apr 13 and haven’t looked back since. Dino is an unusually coloured van, Ford Imperial […]

Reader’s Dubs | Stan’s Story

Stan 3

Stan was born in Germany as a 12 seat transporter and was first registered in November 1985. In the same year he was imported into the UK by the Indonesian Embassy for diplomatic duty. He worked from Grosvenor Sq for over 12 years under the diplomatic plate 180 D 199. In August 1998, He retired […]

Reader’s Dubs | Padraig Kinahan & his crewcab

Padraig Kinahan Crewcab 6

My name is Padraig Kinahan and I live in the centre of Ireland in a town called Tullamore in county Offaly. I’ve always had a Vw transporter since I was 18. Love the t25 or t3 whichever u prefer. There so comfortable and lovely to drive. I made myself a promise years ago that one […]