The Stolen VW Register

SouthCoastDubs is a proud supporter of The Stolen VW Register, established by Douglas Harwood, Trudy Spikesman acts as an admin on both the Facebook group and Facebook page

The Stolen VW Register is THE open resource designed for thefts of VW vehicles and related parts to be highlighted to a greater audience hopefully leading to the owners being reunited with their treasured possessions.

As soon as a theft is notified, it is shared out across the group and page and shared among an online audience of 1000s of dubbers.

Get involved!

Make sure you are a fan of the Stolen VW Register page and a member of the group

Fingers crossed you never need to post in there … but let’s all keep pulling together for our fellow dubbers in their time of need!!

Sharing details of a theft!

If you’re made aware of a theft, you can use the form below to notify us, so that we can get the information shared out as quickly as possible :)

The more information you can provide, the more we can share and the more helpful it can be in the search!

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Stolen from where?
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The Stolen VW Register

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